Most of my work is for swedish public radio and print media and therefore most of this homepage is in swedish. Contact me by phone or email:

permarcushansson [at] gmail [dot] com
Mobile phone +49 (0) 163 5444 762

About me

• Born 1976 in Uppsala.
• Studied journalism at the University of Stockholm 1998-2002.
• 2002 I started working for Swedish Radio and have been doing that on and off ever since as well as on a freelance basis. I´ve traveled extensively in Africa, Europe and South America to collect programme material.
• Between 2006 and 2012 I lived in Berlin. Since autumn 2012 I am based in Hamburg. In my reporting I focus on science, energy, technology and history but have also contributed stories in other fields.
• I speak german, english, swedish and spanish and I´m currently struggling to learn french.

Accredited with the PR Office of the Federal Government of Germany
Member of The Association for Investigative Journalism in Sweden
Member of The Swedish Publicists’ Association